Popular cuisines that you can find in Germany

The one thing about going to Germany is the cuisine that you can eat there. This is different from other countries, and there are some of these cuisines and food that are really delicious. However, because people don’t really know what the food ingredients are, they aren’t ordering it. These foods mentioned here is food that you can try next time when you are going to Germany:


This might be something that most of us won’t even be able to pronounce, however, this is a delicious dish that you can order at most restaurants.

If you want to know what Spätzle is, this is just Traditional Swabian Egg Noodles. If you are a vegetarian, this is something that you can order. This doesn’t sound delicious and doesn’t look delicious, but you will be surprised about how these noodles taste.


If you are going to barbeque in Germany at friends or family, the one thing that you are going to eat for sure is Bratwurst. For sure. However, don’t be scared. This isn’t something foreign that you won’t eat or that you normally won’t eat at home.

This is just a normal sausage that is made from pork meat. This is delicious and you can buy this at any butchery or supermarket. You can even order it at restaurants.


Another type of sausage that you can order and eat in Germany. They love their sausages and this is why there are so many different varieties.

The currywurst is a pork sausage that is covered with Darn. When you cut the currywurst open, you will find curry powder and some tomato sauce. This is a tasting meal, but only for those people who love hot food. Because this is really a hot dish.


Maultaschen is a dish where meat is covered in a pasta dough. Many think about this is a pie. This can be fried or boiled and there is a variety of stuffing available.

This dish is normally served with a salad. The type of salad will defer from restaurant to restaurant. Many foreigners are afraid to eat this meal, because of the strange, unpronounceable word for English speaking people. But, the facts are that this is just normal food with a strange name.


A schnitzel isn’t something that is uncommon in many countries. You are getting a beef schnitzel and you are getting a chicken schnitzel. Those that don’t know what this meal is all about, this is a boneless piece of chicken or boneless beef that is covered in dough. It can be served with a sauce like cheese or mushroom sauce. Germans like their schnitzel and can be ordered everywhere.

In Germany, the problem that most English speaking foreigners have, is the food that they can order at the restaurants. This is because of the strange names. This is a guide to the most popular German food, so that you can know what you are going to order, and you will like every bite of each of these meals. This might have strange names, but it is truly delicious.




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